Undoonoo Childcare Centre will be closed Friday 19 and Monday 22 March


ATTENTION: Please be aware more cases of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease have been reported from the community. These children attend Undoonoo Childcare Centre.

The parents have been notified to keep their children home until they recover and get medical clearance to return to Childcare.

In the meantime, rest assured, our staff are maintaining preventative measures by:

  • maintaining effective hand hygiene - effective hand washing practices
  • cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, changing areas, including toys

Avoid sharing of cups, eating utensils, items of personal hygiene (eg. towels, washers and toothbrushes) and clothing (especially shoes and socks)

Teach our children about cough and sneeze etiquette.

If you or your child are experiencing any combination of the following symptoms, be sure to visit the hospital.

Foot and mouth symptons